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Soges S.p.A has successfully supported the Municipality of Collegno in their application for the Erasmus+ project "Caring Well Together", focusing on the promotion of a mutual support alliance between educators and parents.

The project involves an international partnership of municipal kindergartens from Italy, Croatia, Latvia and Romania that, over the next two years, will cooperate to promote children well-being following a comprehensive approach gathering children, educators, and parents.

The project aims at promoting parents' active involvement in school activities (eg laboratories, workshops, open days) and the revival of pedagogical practices at home.

The main output of the project will be a good practices manual and activities that can also be replicated by parents and educators who did not personally participate in the project.

To achieve this, the participants will conduct:

- distance cooperation throughout the project implementation to share ideas, practices, incentives, etc

- periodical meetings including training sessions for the educators

- "job shadowing" mobility of educators in partners-kindergartens to study their methodologies and at the same time bring and share their experience.

Soges to date has taken care of the detailed development of the project, contacting international project partners and partnership establishment, technical and financial proposals finalization and submission, and will assist the Municipality of Collegno with the overall project management.