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We are born to provide professional services to public and private companies, organizations and institutions.

Today, we are a global company present in Europe and beyond.

We grew up, we have evolved, but, nevertheless, one element has always remained at the core of our work: people.

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The new SOGES’ logo
In 1490, Leonardo da Vinci tried to graphically translate a passage about the proportions of the human body contained in the third book of De Architectura, a study of the famous Roman architect Vitruvius. The result was the drawing of a male figure perfectly inscribed inside a circle and a square; a drawing we all now know as the Vitruvian Man.
In 2003, the academic Otto Mario Helbing discovered the presence of a third figure in the drawing of Leonardo da Vinci: the heptagon, whose inscribed construction geometrically defines the relations between the circle and the square. This geometric representation of man is universally interpreted as a microcosm that embodies the Universe, where man is the measure of all things.
For all of us in SOGES, the value and growth of the people are the center of everything we do, so it seemed natural and proper to get inspired by the concept of man as the center of the world during the process of review of our corporate identity, which we expressed in a figurative logo with firm historical and symbolic basis, which in its units doesn’t forget, through the use of color bands, to celebrate all areas of intervention that daily build both history and story of SOGES.






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SOGES is an Holding Company, head of a network of companies with autonomous identities and specific business areas:
Integrazione SOGES network

SOGES Solutions

Tailor Made Technology. In a world increasingly oriented towards globalization, SOGES Solutions creates value by combining its know-how with the functional and strategic expertise of SOGES, offering IT solutions tailored on the customer’s needs.

Soges International Executive Search provides personalized advice to customers on the analysis of the labor market and the inclusion of the best professionals in the reference areas of the business.

SOGES Merchant is SOGES’ company in charge of corporate finance and financial advisory (with experience of IPOs, cross border M & A, debt restructuring).


BDS is the company specialized in market and customer intelligence, planning and launching of commercial projects, digital business, commercial development techniques and IT platform management.

IUS CONFERENCE is an open, advanced and innovative system dedicated to high education and institutional relations, which operates in Italy and Europe thanks to a qualified community of academics, professionals, executives and public managers, who support initiatives through a valuable contribution of knowledge, experience, passion, ideas.

Grifo multimedia logo

Grifo multimedia is a creative enterprise that developes innovative e-learning and gamification solutions for human resources development.

C&C Cortese Consulting logo

C&C Cortese Consulting has its core business in the finance, banking & insurance markets, where it helps organizations to achieve their knowledge development, change management and people management goals.