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Soges S.p.A. has been shortlisted for the project EuropeAid/139499/IH/SER/KI  Long-term technical assistance to the Office of the National Authorizing Officer - Republic of Kiribati and is currently looking for a Team Leader willing to get involved in the project. Further details at 

The action, financed by the 11th EDF, aims at providing adequate technical assistance support to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MFED) of the Republic of Kiribati to perform its duties as National Authorizing Officer (NAO) under the programmes implemented under the 10th and the 11th EDF.

The technical assistance will be based within the MFED providing direct support to the NAO, fostering an effective and efficient implementation of the 10th and 11th EDF National Indicative Programmes (NIP).