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Grow Your Future

Local Development is the tool that engages and mobilizes organizations and communities to equitable and sustainable growth.

Develop an equitable and sustainable future means working, from today, on the growth of many small projects of life. Seeds that treated in the right way can lead to extraordinary results in terms of benefits to the territories in which they mature and the communities that live and populate them.

SOGES Local Development provides strategic, technical and organizational support for the development of the territory and active labor market policies.

Entrepreneurship development

Entrepreneurship development

Technical assistance

Technical Assistance

Promote the area

Promote the area

We apply methodologies to improve, in local institutional subjects, the ability to cooperate, open and conduct project development courses that mobilize resources and territorial expertise, aimed to:


  1. promote the development and competitiveness of businesses (startup, business incubator)
  2. implement lifelong learning to support the adaptability of workers
  3. raising and qualify employment levels by implementing active labor market policies
  4. enhancing human capital by raising the levels of learning and knowledge
  5. create and consolidate networks between institutional and business world, universities and research centers
  6. enhance and promote the territory and its resources
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