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Design Your Future

Knowledge and professional skills are tools for growth and development of complex organizations.

SOGES Learning offers tailored training proposals, delivered throughout Italy by selected professionals from the business world and consulting.

Whatever the need (from basic skills to more specialized), our proposal aims to create and deliver the right training program together with the higher degree of customization.

To ensure the effectiveness of learning, SOGES Learning employs unique and distinctive training methodologies, combined with international products of which we are licensed and internally developed exclusive solutions:


Shackleton's gameIncome OutcomeSellin behaviour
Negotiating skillsCoaching and team coachingTalent development program
Visione e innovazioneSoges Business modelNaviganti
Mondo sotto sopraResilient assessment 



To support the analysis phase of the needs, we have divided the training offers in 6 main areas:

Health & Safety
Management Systems
Marketing & Sales
People & Organization
Supply Chain

From the desire to offer dynamic content and personalized proposals related to individual training and learning needs, we have created YOUTOO by SOGES, our company which commercializes training proposals designed and tailored by SOGES Learning, in a collaborative way to capitalize on each other's experiences.

In addition, thanks to our in-house expertise, with the activities of our Funding for Training business unit we can identify for our clients the most appropriate lines of credit to support the design and implementation of our training programs, as well as the participation in specific training initiatives in the framework of specific catalogs.


  Our training services, each year






Main Partners: 
Aifos for training activities in Health & Safety at Work
Iusconference training activities in  Law and Economics
Income Outcome
Officine Camerone
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