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Shape Your Future

Responsible, competent and motivated people are the future of the organization.

SOGES Human Resources accompanies your change programs with distinctive and tailored solutions favoring the growth of human capital, acting jointly and consistently on contributions expected from roles and people, as well as processes and organization.

Our approach to the development of people and organization is based on strategic levers that drive and characterize our proposal:

Internal listening of perceptions and needs of people

HR Management

Leadership style consistent with the organization's values


Learning and professional growth


We listen to the people, value their experience, develop their skills and orient their behavior, in line with the values, the culture and the corporate vision. We provide solutions to:




Our offer:

  1. Analysis of organizational climate
  2. Evaluation of skills and potential
  3. Human capital formation
  4. Leadership development
  5. Communication, motivation and involvement events





Main Partners: 
Center for Management
Income Outcome
Art Kitchen
Officine Camerone
xploralab connecting knowledge
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