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Build Your Future

Achieving the objectives of the EU 2020 Strategy means creating a future of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Building bridges between peoples. Winning challenges that have joint objectives between different communities. It means laying the foundation for a future that unites, and doesn’t divide, that includes, and doesn’t exclude, different cultures but finally able to work on a common front for the good of people.

SOGES European Projects assists and supports the Public Administrations in the management and planning of measures provided by programming Community in the field of development policies and creation of transnational partnerships.

In particular, it supports public administrations in:

  1. Implementation of co-financing programs and control activities
  2. Arrangement of audit instruments
  3. Ex ante and ex-post evaluation
  4. Definition of the organizational and management models necessary for the implementation of supported operations according to the EU regulations

Click here to have an overview of our projects implemented since 2012.

Main Partners: 
Regione Emilia Romagna
Regione Lombardia
Regione Puglia
Regione Veneto
Provincia di Biella
Provincia di Padova
Comune di Pisa
Comune di Napoli
Arpa Valle Aosta
Provincia di Rimini
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