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Open Your Future

Promote the use of development tools in disadvantaged areas and communities means creating the conditions for a future of international collaboration.

Open the gate of access to development’s tools and opportunities in disadvantaged areas and communities means creating the conditions for a future of positive cooperation between the actors involved, both from the ethical and the human point of view.

SOGES International Cooperation technically support governments and institutional subjects of non-EU countries in the implementation of projects of development assistance funded by the European Commission and devoted to poverty reduction, economic, social and environmental sustainable development and the promotion of democracy and human human rights.

Born in 1988, the division is coordinated from the offices of:







SOGES International Cooperation, with his network of specialist consultants in 150 countries, finds the right resources to carry out projects of:

  1. Development of SMEs’systems
  2. Certifications, standardization, metrology, innovation, industrial property
  3. Attraction of investments
  4. Review and alignment with EU legislation about competition policies of non-EU countries  or access to WTO
  5. Development of specific economic sectors (clothing and leather, metrology, ICT, packaging…) and infrastructure of the State (Ministries, Chambers of Commerce...)
  6. Cooperation and international partnerships

Our international cooperation activities takes place through partnerships with international donors and agencies, NGOs, government and education markets.

Download our projects and references.

Some of our Partners: 
European Commission
Ministero degli affari esteri
Avocats sans frontieres
Louis Berger
The World Bank
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